Disclaimer: My opinions are solely my own; they are not necessarily those of anyone else with whom I associate.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Science Says It's False, But It's True!

Have you heard the one about the full moon?  During a full moon, nurses, hospitals, police officers, and nursing home workers seem to experience a marked increase in breakouts, accidents, and just general human weirdness.  Ask a cop.  I have never met a cop or EMT who didn't believe that people act crazier when it's a full moon.

But according to studies, there is no significant uptick in these incidents during a full moon.  But, but, but... It happens.

And then there's watch-stoppers.  People who can't wear watches because they constantly die on them. I am one of those people.  I once had a brand-new watch stop and sent it to Fossil to have them replace the battery.  It came back to me and promptly died again.  I realize that story doesn't make a strong case.  But trust me when I tell you that I can no longer wear cute, cheap watches because they constantly stop on me.  This had all changed when I bought a nice watch from an actual jewelry store.  For ten years, my watch worked like, well...you know.  And then the battery died.  But the PROBLEM is that it needs to be mailed to the manufacturer to have the battery replaced.  Before I could mail it in, it got stolen.  Thanks, boogellers!!  So I bought a new one.  October 29, 2012 - which means it was one of the first things I bought with my insurance reimbursement for the theft.  I put it on the other day, and noticed that it wasn't keeping time.  WTH?!?!?!?!??!?!?!?  Fortunately, Overstock seems to be working on a resolution.  But if even quality-brand watches don't help, what hope do I have?!

In an attempt to try to find an explanation for this, I took to the nets.  And found an article that stated that this is NOT a real thing.  See, the popular explanation is that some people emit electromagnetic impulses that interrupt the watch's function. But if that were true, the article says, a watch-stopper wouldn't be able to use a computer because if it's strong enough to ruin a watch, it'll ruin everything else too.  Now, my theory had always excluded magnetism and solely included electrical impulses.  Since our bodies run on electrical impulses, I presumed that some people's impulses interrupted mechanical functions sometimes.  I will have runs where nothing electrical works for me.

But no matter; all the watch-stoppers are just as wrong as all the cops, nurses, EMTs, and elder care workers.

Disclaimer: My opinions are solely my own; they are not necessarily those of anyone else with whom I associate.

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Lois (aka: Ma) said...

I BELIEVE YOU! I saw it in the grocery store work I did during my early retirement years. I worked in a grocery store for 10 years, after my husband retired. Each full moon produced some real crazies! I'm serious! Sometimes, people were all jumpy, sometimes, people were just mean spirited, sometimes impatient, and every one in the store noticed such experiences...not even in my department. LOL, Lois (aka: Ma)